Web User Groups and Document Groups

Before You Begin

Make sure that "Use access permissions" is set to Yes in the User Settings tab of System Configuration.

Creating the Groups

To create the web user and document groups, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Evo Admin Interface.

  2. From the "Security" menu select "Web Permissions".

  3. On "Web User groups" tab, enter the name of the group then click the submit button.

  4. To create a Document Group, click on the "Document groups" tab. Similar to the web group, you must enter the name of the document group then click the submit button. The page will then refresh showing the new document group.

  5. Now that we have created a web user and document group we now need to link the two together. To do this, click on the "User / Document group links" tab. Click on the "Add Group" button to assign the document group to the web user group.

You can use the "Remove button" to later remove the group.

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