Adding Chunks

Chunks are simply blocks of plain text or (X)HTML markup that is inserted directly into your page at the location you place the tags.

To create a chunk, go to the Manage Resources section and select the Chunks tab. Give the chunk a name and a brief description, then enter the text or HTML code you wish to have included in your document.

To use a chunk, put the Evo chunk tags with its name where you want that content to appear:


Chunks are useful for any content or HTML markup that you might want to repeat in different pages or different templates. They are a good way to keep your template code clean and uncluttered with odd bits of content. A common use for a chunk is for footer content. If you place the content in a chunk then put the chunk tags in the footer of your template, even if you have several templates you'll only need to edit your footer content in one place.

Another good use for chunks is to provide small templates for snippets that use forms. The WebLogin Snippets uses an optional chunk containing the HTML for the login form if you don't like the default form. The [[Ditto]] and [[Wayfinder]] snippets also use chunks for controlling the layout of the snippet output.

While a chunk cannot itself contain PHP code, it can contain snippets and TVs that do have PHP code.

For more advanced uses of chunks, see Chunks and (at)CHUNK bindings in the Developer's Guide.

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