Cross References

Cross References extend the possibilities of resource fields and document variable tags.

By adding the "@" sign to a resource field or a document variable, the returned value will be that of the field or variable that has been chosen.

Cross References do not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase (not case sensitive).



[*pagetitle@ultimateParent*] or [*pagetitle@uParent*]







You can also use Cross References in combination with Modifiers.

<@IF:[*id@prev*]><a href="[~[*id@prev*]~]">[*pagetitle@prev*]</a><@ENDIF>

<@IF:[*id@next*]><a href="[~[*id@next*]~]">[*pagetitle@next*]</a><@ENDIF>


Working Examples of Cross References:

An example to set-up your page title tag for child pages.

<title>[(site_name)] | [*pagetitle@parent*] | [*pagetitle*]</title>


If you have a default headline in every child page, maybe something like the following could be of benefit.

<h1>[*description@parent*] - [*pagetitle*]</h1>

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