The DB:API is used for working with a database within Evo. This is an extremely handy API and will save time and resources when scripting add-ons that interact with the database. The Evo database API allows developers to take advantage of built-in database wrapper functions.

Documentation for the following to be written shortly:

  • [db->connect]
  • [db->disconnect]
  • [db->getAffectedRows]
  • [db->getColumn]
  • [db->getColumnNames]
  • [db->getHTMLGrid]
  • [db->getLastError]
  • [db->getRecordCount]
  • [db->getRow]
  • [db->getTableMetaData]
  • [db->getValue]
  • [db->getXML]
  • [db->initDataTypes]
  • [db->insert]
  • [db->makeArray]
  • [db->prepareDate]


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