API Quick reference
Variable name: getChildIds
CMS versions: 0.9.x + Evo
Variable type: array
Object parent:



Array getChildIds(mixed $id[, int $depth[, array $children]]);

Returns an array of child IDs belonging to the specified parent.

  • $id - the parent page to start from
  • $depth - how many levels deep to search for children
  • $children - if you already have an array of child ids, give it to the method, and new values will be added

Contains the document Listing (tree) like the sitemap


See also, this page on Understanding the Document Object

Function Source

function getChildIds($id, $depth= 10, $children= array ()) {
$c= null;
foreach ($this->documentMap as $mapEntry) {
if (isset ($mapEntry[$id])) {
$childId= $mapEntry[$id];
$childKey= array_search($childId, $this->documentListing);
if (!$childKey) {
$childKey= "$childId";
$c[$childKey]= $childId;
if (is_array($c)) {
if (is_array($children)) {
$children= $children + $c;
} else {
$children= $c;
if ($depth) {
foreach ($c as $child) {
$children= $children + $this->getChildIds($child, $depth, $children);
return $children;

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