Setting up configuration parameters

In the Module configuration textbox you can enter a configuration string to have the system automatically generate input boxes for you to enter data.

Consider the following string:

&color=Font Color;string;#000000

The above can be considered as a single input variable. The & sign is used to separate multiple variables while the = sign is used to assign the variable it's description, data type and default value. With this knowledge we could read the above as:

&name = Description;datatype;value


name – name of the variable to be used inside theplugin code
description – A brief description of the input variable
datatype - the type of input to accept from the user
value - the values or list to be displayed.

Where data types can be one of the following:

int – An integer. Use a textbox to accept numeric inputs
string - This is the default data type. Uses a textbox to accept input values
list – A list. Use a dropdown menu to display a list of values.

Example of a list input variable:


Note: future versions will support more data types such as date, color, etc

To have the page to render the configuration string, click on the button to the right of the textbox. The page will then be rendered as shown below:

You can now modify the value of the color variable to be passed into the module when it's executed. Once the configuration string is set you can modify the values using the available input boxes.

That's it for the configuration tab. Let's now get back to adding our module code.

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