Snippets are useful for adding logic to websites. They can be used to create menus, determine who is logged in, or any other thing possible with the API.






Accessing Snippets via the Evo API

Snippets can also be run inside of other snippets by using the Evo API:

Api Usage

$modx->runSnippet('snippetName' [, $params]);

You can optionally pass parameters to your snippet

$params => array('dog' => 'Max');
$modx->runSnippet('mySnippet', $params);

Then inside your Snippet ("mySnippet"), you will have access to the corresponding variables via PHP's extract function, or you can access all parameters inside of the $modx object:

// inside "mySnippet"
print $dog; // prints 'Max'
print_r( $modx->event->params ); // prints array('dog' => 'Max');

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