@INHERIT default content if no other content found

The @INHERIT binding takes advantage of the hierarchical structure of the document tree by allowing Template Variable content to "cascade" down the document tree. What this means is that you can apply content to whole sections of your site by editing just one TV.

This binding can be used for Input Option Values or the Default Value like any other binding. However, it is really only useful when used for the Default Value.

When this binding is used as a Default Value for a TV, if no content is specified for this TV in the current document, the binding will look at it's parent document for content and if none is found, it's parent and so on until it reaches the top of the document tree. If no content is found it will use the default content.

Is the TV value set at @INHERIT, it will share the same value as its parent.

Is the document a root level element (level 1), it has no parent to inherit from, as such, an empty string will be returned.

@Inherit Example:

Parent TV set to:


Child TV set to:


The result will be that the child TV outputs the content of the parents chunk.

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