What are Template Variables

A Template Variable (TV) is an extra or custom Resource Field that is created by the site developer. A TV is used or displayed (via a Content Tag) to represent a value inside a template or a document. Evo allows you to have a virtually unlimited number and types of TVs. TVs are assigned to the Templates in your install.

When a document is displayed on the web, TVs are replaced with the actual value entered by the user. TVs are template specific, meaning they can only be used in templates that they are assigned to. A TV can also be customized to display content for a specific document.

Template Variable Output Widgets make it easier for users to add special visual effects to their web sites in a matter of seconds. With just a few clicks you can add a Marquee or a Ticker to scroll or change content on your website, a Data Grid to display a formatted table of data from a file or a database, an always-present floating display box and more.

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