What are Widgets

Widgets (formerly "Display Controls") are quite literally little "specialized widgets" that affect how things are displayed in Evo. In programmer-speak, they are TV components used to format the Input Value to some desired visual output on web sites.

The rendered output will vary depending on the selected Widget and the Input Values.

Every widget comes with a set of properties, the parameters of which configure how the output renders.There are currently 11 Widgets from which to choose.

Widgets range from simple string and date formatters to complex Data Grids and are categorized as Static and Dynamic widgets.

  • Static Widgets
    These are widgets that do not alter, move or change the displayed text after it has been rendered. In other words they contain no active or moveable parts. For example: String Formatter, Date Formatter, etc

  • Dynamic Widgets
    These widgets can move, change of alter the displayed text after it has been rendered. Such wigets normally make use of Javascripts, browser filters and/or DHTML behaviors to enable dynamic behaviors. For example: Marquee, Ticker, Floater, etc

Many widgets are formatted by being placed in a block element, usually a DIV or Table, with the name #tvTVname, where "TVname" is the actual name assigned to the template variable. In addition, many Display Controls share the following common Parameters:

Property Description
Height - The CSS property to control the height, similar to width.
Class - A class from your stylesheet, e.g., bordered-box, etc.
Style - Inline CSS styles separated by semicolons.

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