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This is the documentation home for the Ditto [Snippet]; a document aggregator for creating blogs, article and news collections, and more, with full support for templating.

Ditto lists data from documents to create output in many formats. You can specify which documents, you can specify what data, and you can specify the layout of that data.

Evo comes shipped with Ditto and works straight out of the box.

Getting Started With Ditto

I'll try and cover as many of the basics as I can so you can get started with Ditto straight away, here's an example which you can to get a simple blog working very quickly. I have included a couple of the many parameters you can use to build a highly flexible system.

Call Ditto as you would with any snippet, for example:

&orderBy=`createdon ASC`
&truncText=`Continue Reading This Article`
&dateFormat=`%e %B %Y`!]

In this example, i've called a Chunk named "tplBlog" which will determine how each blog summary is displayed, the chunk contains the following:



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