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DocLister was developed and is maintained by Russian community member Agel Nash.
The following is based on a translation of his own Russian documentation, taken from on 10 January 2016.

What is DocLister?

DocLister is a snippet to output information from various tables. It was originally devised to replace Ditto, but in the end substantially exceeded it in capabilities, flexibility and productivity. At the same time, it is no more difficult to use DocLister in simple situations than Ditto, and many parameters are identical.


  • easy to extend;
  • data can be output from any table (including a Shopkeeper catalogue);
  • data can be output in JSON format;
  • custom processing of data is possible before output;
  • convenient debugging tools;
  • sorting by template variables, with type conversion;
  • filtering of document, including by TVs;
  • support for lexicons;
  • loading of parameters from files.


DocLister requires PHP 5.3 or later


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