Main Parameters

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General parameters

Parameter Description Values Default
controller Sets class for selection of data.
Base classes are located in folder DocLister/core/controller
to work with a Shopkeeper catalogue
to work with a Shopkeeper catalogue
to work with a custom table
output Evo documents filtered by tags, in conjunction with the TagSaver plugin
idType Type of document selection. The list of documents inserted into the query will be selected from the parameter with a name matching this parameter.
To avoid confusion it is recommended to always define this parameter explicitly. This is particularly important when the parameters parents and documents are used simultaneously.
parents, documents parents
parents Document selection based on a list of parent documents comma-separated list of parent document ids id of the page where the snippet is located
documents Custom selection of documents.
If the parents parameter is used, the documents listed in this parameter will simply be mixed in with the results and subjected to subsequent selection rules (filtering, sorting).
comma-separated list of document ids
ignoreEmpty Allows selection of all records from a table if the documents parameter is not given. In this case, the idType parameter should be documents. 1, 0 0
display Maximum number of documents to be selected integer >= 0 0
queryLimit Maximum number of documents to be selected integer >= 0 0
depth Selection depth using the parents parameter integer >= 0 0
offset Number of documents to skip from the start of the list. Recalculated when using pagination. If it is always required to skip N documents, the start parameter must be used. integer >= 0 0
start Number of documents to skip from the start of the selection. Combines with the value of offset which is set automatically during pagination. integer >= 0 0
total Maximum number of documents displayed on one page of the selection integer >= 0 0
addWhereList Additional conditions for document selection Any string that suitable for insertion into the WHERE clause of an SQL query empty
showParent Exclusion of container documents 0 force exclusion of containers in the selection;
1 force inclusion of container in the selection;
-1 only exclude containers that are in the parents parameter.
selectFields Names of fields to be included in the selection empty
groupBy Group results by a given field defined in the controller
urlScheme URL generation scheme Schemes available in Evo (relative, http, https, full) relative
dateSource Document field containing the date.
If a string other than createdon is given as the value, and the value of the field in the database is zero, the value in createdon is used regardless. For example: you use delayed publication for some documents and set up sorting by the pub_date field. Thus with DocLister you will never end up in the situation where documents published without delayed publication will always be at the end of the list.
Name of a field in a table. pub_date
dateFormat Date formatting rules for the PHP strftime() function.
The dateSource parameter is used as the source of the date. Also taken into account is the date offset in the server (see the system parameter server_offset_time). In this way, you can use a personalized substitution of the time depending on the user's time zone.
%d.%b.%y %H:%M
summary Rules for processing text to formulate the short description. Loads the summary extender. The site_content controller contains an additional rule for the text being processed: the content field is sent for processing by default. But if the introtext field is not empty, then the text from this field is fed to the summary extender. The onetable controller behaves similarly. string formed according to the rules of the summary extender
introField Name of the field for the source of the short description of the text in the contentField. Only used when the summary extender is loaded.
contentField Name of the field containing the basic text of the document. Only used when the summary extender is loaded.
e Convert HTML special characters in fields into entities. Fields can be accessed in templates via placeholders with the prefix : [+e.pagetitle+], [+e.longtitle+]. Comma-separated list of field names
debug Display SQL queries (1), complete information (2) on chunks used, data substituted etc. Information precedes output when positive, follows it when negative.
-2, -1, 0, 1, 2
customLang Using a lexicon you can both redefine standard messages from the /core/lang/[(manager_language)] folder and create new ones. When redefining, give the full name of the standard language key (e.g. core.test or To use the lexicon, put the tag [%Lexicon key%] in the template. Name of a PHP file in the /core/lang/folder containing associative array $_lang
jotcount Includes the number of JotX comments in the selection, using the jotcount extender 1, 0 0

Selection parameters for custom tables (onetable controller)

Parameter Description Values Default
table Name of the table from which selection is to be made. If the table's PrimaryKey is not id, the name of this field must also be supplied in the idField parameter. any table name, omitting the Evo table prefix site_content
idField Name of the PrmaryKey field. Documents identified using the documents parameter will be selected according to this field. Any field available in the table named in the table parameter id
parentField Name of the field where the idField values of the container documents are stored. Used when selecting documents from the parents parameter. Any field available in the table named in the table parameter parent

Selection using template variables

Parameter Description Values Default
tvPrefix Prefix for placeholders created from TV names tv
tvList List of TVs to be included in the selection comma-separated list of TV names
renderTV emplate variables to be processed for display according to the relevant widgets. TVs not included in the tvList parameter are ignored. * or comma-separated list of TV names


Parameter Description Values Default
  • none - automatic sorting according to MySQL rules (usually by primary key)
  • doclist - output documents in the order provided in the documents parameter
  • other - sort according to the criteria in the orderBy, order and sortBy parameters.
orderBy Combined sort string (minimum being a combination of the sortBy and sortDir parameters, but with higher priority) Any string satisying the rules for construction of the ORDER BY clause in an SQL query. When sorting in the site_content controller it is desirable to use the prefix c. for fields in the site_content table. Names of template variables are given unmodified.
For random order use " RAND()" as the orderBy parameter.
id DESC (or as defined in the controller)
sortBy Sort criterion without sort direction Any string valid in an ORDER BY clause in an SQL query. Template variable names are given unmodified. Empty. Default value can be hard-coded in the controller.
order Sort direction ASC, DESC. The value of this parameter can be redefined by the value of the sortDir parameter. DESC
sortDir Alias for the order parameter, with higher priority. ASC, DESC DESC (or as defined in the controller)
Sort using template variables
tvSortType Type conversion rules for template variables during sorting listed separated by commas in the order the TV names are given in the orderBy parameter:
  • DECIMAL - numbers with two significant decimal places;
  • UNSIGNED - unsigned integers;
  • SIGNED - positive integers;
  • BINARY - binary mode;
  • DATETIME - date;
  • TVDATETIME- converts string to a date according to the format used by template variables with the "Date" input type (only available with controllers based on *site-content*).
tvSortWithDefault System-specific features (template variables with values matching defaults values are not stored in the separate table) mean that sorting of records may not be correct when the default value is not an empty string. List of template variables that must be forced to the default value


Parameter Description Values Default
showNoPublish Output deleted and unpublished resources (used only with controllers based on site_content) 0, 1 0
filters Rules for filtering documents Possible values - string following the rules set out in DocLister::getFilters(). See the "Filters" section for more details.
Example string:
filter_delimiter Filter divider for containsOne mode Any string

Selection using tags

Parameter Description Values Default
tagsData Source of tags.
For automatic insertion of tags from a GET variable, the name of this variable must be indicated, providing a value such as get:tag in this parameter. In this case the tags should be inserted into $_GET['tag'].
If static selection is required, you can replace get with static and provide the tag's value following a colon, for example, static:tag_value.
String containing rules separated by colons

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