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To use lexicons you should create a file named "lexicon name.inc.php" in a folder named as full language name (russian-UTF8, english etc.):

if (!defined('MODX_BASE_PATH')) {die();})
$_lang = array();
$_lang['key'] = 'Value.';
return $lang;

Parameters to load lexicons are:

Property Description

lexicon folder path


lexicon language (the "manager_language" configuration parameter value by default)


lexicon names, comma separated. Or specify an array of values right here:

        "test":"Test lexicon value",
        "foo":"Another lexicon value",
        "bar":"And one more value"
        "foo":"Еще проверка",
        "bar":"И еще"

After that you can use the [%key%] placeholders to output lexicon entries. EvoBabel lexicons are supported as well.

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