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The multiTV Database Manager is an Evo module providing almost the same options as a multiTV Template Variable in datatable mode. The main difference is the direct access of (custom) tables in the Evo database.

With the Database Manager you could manage (CRUD) your own database tables and use Evo input types for managing table row fields.


Each Database Manager configuration file will create a tab in a Database Manager module if it is referenced in the module configuration. The value of Configurations has to be filled by a comma separated list of config names in assets/tvs/multitv/moduleconfigs (i.e. event_log for referencing the event_log.moduleconfig.json)

Each configuration file contains a JSON encoded array with the following settings:


The database table could be set in the key table. The table name is prefixed by the Evo table prefix.


The Database Manager module tab text and tab caption could be set in the key caption.


The processors folder could be set in the key processors. If it is not set, the default processors in assets/tvs/multitv/processors are used. If it is set, the processors are retrieved from a subfolder of assets/tvs/multitv/processors named as the key value. If that subfolder does not exist, the value points to a subfolder of the Evo base path.

There are five processors usable at the moment.

Processor Description
loadtable Loads the current table with limit and offset into the datatable
loadrecord Loads a table row into the editing layer
createrecord Creates a new table row for the editing layer
deleterecord Deletes a table row
saverecord Saves the values of the editing layer into a table row


The fields of the database table could be defined in the key fields. This key contains an array of fieldnames and each fieldname contains an array of field properties.

Property Description Default
caption Caption (horizontal) or label (vertical) for the input -
type Type of the input (could be set to almost all Evo input types1, thumb for thumbnail display of image tvs2) and unixtime to convert the datetime table data to unixtime and vice versa text
elements Same options as in the input option values of a Evo template variable are possible i.e. for a dropdown with all documents in the Evo root: @SELECT `pagetitle`, `id` FROM `modx_site_content` WHERE parent = 0 ORDER BY `menuindex` ASC -
default Default value for the input. This value could contain calculated parts. There are two placeholders available: {i} contains an autoincremented index {alias} contains the alias of the edited document. -
thumbof Name of an image input. A thumbnail of the selected image will be rendered into this area -
width Width of the input 100

During adding/editing one row a layer is displayed. In this editing layer the Evo input type richtext is not usable at the moment (degrades to textarea).


The visible columns for the datatable could be defined in the key columns. This key contains an array of column settings. Each column setting contains an array of properties. If a property is not set, the field property in key fields is used.

Property Description Default
fieldname (required) Fieldname that is displayed in this column -
caption Caption of the column Caption for fieldname in fields
width Width of the column Width for fieldname in fields
render Enable rengering of the column content with this PHx capable string -

Editing Layer

The content of the editing layer during adding/editing one row could be defined in the key form. This key contains an array of form tab settings.

Property Description Default
caption (required) Caption for the form tab -
content (required) Associative array of field settings -

Each form tab setting contains an associative array of field properties (the key contains the fieldname in fields). If a field property is not set, the field property in fields is used.

Property Description Default
caption Caption for the input Caption for fieldname in fields


Own buttons for the Database Manager module tab could be defined in the key buttons. This key contains an associative array of button group configs.

Property Description Default
position (required) Position of the button group (could be topleft, topright, bottomleft or bottom right) -
buttons (required) Associative array of button configs -

Each button config contains an associative array of button settings.

Property Description Default
caption Caption for the button -
icon Icon for the button located in assets/tvs/multitv/css/images -
processor name of the processor file located in assets/tvs/multitv/processors/[groupkey] (groupkey contains the group config key) -
form Array of form tab settings (see Editing layer) -

For every button a javascript file will be included with the following path assets/tvs/multitv/buttons/[groupkey]/[buttonkey].button.js (groupkey contains the button group config key, buttonkey contains the button config key)

Example for a generate coupons button with one group config key coupons and one button config key generate. The button section could contain several group configs and each one several button configs.

"buttons": {
    "coupons": {
        "position": "topright",
        "buttons": {
            "generate": {
                "caption": "Generate",
                "icon": "wand.png",
                "processor": "generate",
                "form": [
                        "caption": "Coupon",
                        "content": {
                            "count": {},
                            "discount": {},
                            "validuser": {},
                            "validgroup": {},
                            "validuntil": {},
                            "maxuse": {}

The event_log module config ("assets/tvs/multitv/moduleconfigs/event_log.moduleconfig.json") contains a simpler example for a csvexport button.

Other options

The other options for one multiTV could be defined in the key configuration.

Property Description Default
radioTabs Tabs in the datatable editing layer are displayed as radio buttons. The button state is saved in fieldTab column of each table row (this column has to exist). false
sorting Enable sorting by column header. false
sortindex Column name that ist used as sorting index. The column type has to be integer and it should contain an autoincremented index (see in Fields) as default value. false

1 Supported Evo input types: text, rawtext, email, number, textareamini, textarea, rawtextarea, htmlarea, date, dropdown, listbox, listbox-multiple, checkbox, option, image, file

2 See images config ("assets/tvs/multitv/configs/") for thumb

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