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The taglinks snippet has a variety of parameters.

It can get tags from any document by declaring which id to use, it can output a bunch of plain <a href=""> html tags. It can output ordered lists or unordered lists of your links. it supports Friendly Alias Paths.

For this snippet to work properly, the Category page you are linking to must have an alias that is the same name as the tag, only lower case and without spaces. For example, If the tag is "Personal", the category page must have an alias of "personal". If the Tag is "Web Design", the category page must have an alias of "webdesign".


Parameter Description
&id document id to get tags for. default is the current document. When using this in a ditto tpl, use &id=`[+id+]` to get the tags for the document being summarized.
&tv name of the template variable used for declaring categories.
&delimiter delimiter used in the tv's Delimited List widget. Defaults to a comma ","
&label Label displayed before the list of links. Defaults to "Categories: ".
&separator character to separate tag links. comma (,) or pipe (|) for example. Defaults to (blank).
&element Element to wrap this in [div / span / p]. Defaults to "div".
&style CSS class to apply to the &element. Defualts to "taglinks".
&format format of the output for links. can be an anchor "a", unordered list "ul", or an ordered list "ol". Defaults to "a".
&newline add new line after each element. Defaults to "1" (yes, add new lines). Set to "0" and new lines will not be added.
&fap output for Friendly Alias Paths. If you use FAPs, set this to "1" and set the path to your category pages in &path
&path path to your category page under FAPs. if your category pages are under "yoursite.com/blog/categories/", you would set &path=`blog/categories`. If you are not using Friendly Alias Paths, this variable is ignored and the link created is to "yoursite.com/tagname".
From version 1.0.4, you can specify a Evo Doc ID - just provide the number and the correct URL will be used.


Call as an unordered list, in a <span></span> element separated by a space, using Friendly Alias Paths.

&separator=` `

Call as <a href=""> tags in a paragraph block (<p></p>) inside a Ditto tpl with a pipe as the separator and a CSS class of "myTags".

&separator=` | `

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