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Required Parameters

Parameter Description
parent folder that contains the documents which are to be counted. Can take a comma separated list of parents, like Ditto does.
tvTags the template variable that has the tags

Optional Parameters

Parameter Description
depth the number of levels down we should search for child documents
days the number of days to look back over to find tags. Leave as 0 for all time
min minimum number of tag occurances for tag to show, 0 for all

How should the results be ordered? By default they will be sorted by document ID. Values can be:

asc - tag alphabetical
desc - tag reverse alphabetical
numasc - tag count ascending
numdesc - tag count descending
random - random order
landing id of document to display ditto listings
tagDelim delimiter between tags in TV
displayType [cloud | list | custom] output as a tag cloud, unordered list, or custom output. If custom output, specify a chunk name via customDisplayChunk
customDisplayChunk chunk name containing HTML when displayType custom. Uses the following placeholders: [+class+] [+landing+] [+qs_seperator+] [+url_param+] [+tag+] [+urlencoded_tag+] [+tooltip+] [+count+] [+bracketed_count+]
showCount if you want the number of occurances to be displayed set to 1
caseSensitive if you want tag duplicate removal to be case sensitive set to 1
steps comma separated list of the numeric intervals to determine the size of the tag class
styles comma separated list of class names that will be applied to each of the size intervals in "steps"
dittoID Id of the Ditto instance which should display the selected tag (if there is more than one Ditto call on landing page)
limit restrict the number of tags to display
exclude list of tags you don't want to appear in the output (separated by tagDelim - a comma by default)
promote list of tags you want to appear first in the output (separated by tagDelim - a comma by default)
demote list of tags you want to appear last in the output (separated by tagDelim - a comma by default)
extraTags list of extra tags you want to appear, even if they're not detected in the pages (separated by tagDelim - a comma by default)
currentClass class name to apply to the tag which is currently being filtered on
urlParam name of the URL parameter used when generating URLs or detecting filtering

Landing Page setup:

The landing page should have a call to ditto (v2+) with at minimum of the following tagging parameters set:


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