Typical Errors

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Common Errors and How to fix Them

The password you entered is too short. Please use at least 6 numbers and/or letters.

But your form doesn't even HAVE a password? What's going on?

This is a subtle problem that arises if you don't specify ®Type=`verify` when using a custom Chunk for the "registerTpl". If you provide a custom chunk for the registration using the ®isterTpl parameter, the form needs to contain all required fields.

The fields that are required are different for registration-type "register" than they are for registration-type "verify". The default action of the Snippet is to expect a full registration form including a password, so if your custom form doesn't contain a password field (or any other required field), it will fail validation.

To rectify the situation, add ®Type=`verify` to your Snippet call. If you still have problems, copy the default Chunk into your database and verify that it is being referenced correctly.

My Custom Form Elements aren't being Generated

Make sure you have added the name of your form element to the customFields parameter AND that you have NO SPACES between multiple custom field, e.g. this Snippet call will fail:[||||\||]

&customFields=`first_name,last_name,favorite_colors, contact_time`
&inputHandler=`Favorite Colors:userFavoriteColors:favorite_colors:select multiple:Red(ff0000),Orange(ff9900),Green(66ff00),Black(000000)||Best time to contact you:userContactRadios:contact_time:radio:Morning(morning),Afternoon(afternoon),Evening(Evening)`

Can you see the space after the comma immediately before "contact_time"? That little space causes the Snippet call to train-wreck. Also make sure you are using the correct


placeholder so WebLoginPE will know where to insert the form element.

My Form Submits to the Wrong Page!

Sometimes this comes up as a 404. Check the HTML of the page and verify that the action attribute is pointing where it should be pointing. The other thing that can trip you up, especially with friendly URLs enabled, is the absence of a base tag.

Essentially, you probably need to add a tag like the following to your template's head:

<base href="[(site_url)]">

The Plugin I wrote to extend the Functionality is not working!

Yeah... this one sucks. If you're writing plugins, then hopefully you know what you're doing. Have a look in the "Reports => System Events" for any log messages about how or why your plugin crashed.

The Values in my Multi-Select are showing the shortened values, not the full descriptions!

Maybe you have your values / variables in backwards order? It should be:

A Short Description(the_value)

The template chunk I'm referencing for "&successTpl" is not showing up!

Well, if your Snippet call (presumably the one where you login, often using &type=`simple`) uses the &liHomeId parameter to point to a special welcome page, that parameter can seem to override the &successTpl one because it forwards you to the new page before you ever get to see the successTpl chunk.

If you navigate back to the login page after being redirected, you should see the contents of your successTpl chunk displayed for a logged in user.

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