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About YAMS (Yet Another Multilingual Solution)

YAMS is a highly configurable Evo addon that is designed to make it easy to develop multilingual websites. The following features are currently implemented:

  • All content is managed via a single document tree to enable a consistent site structure across all language variants.

  • Standard Evo placeholders can be used within document templates in order to generate multilingual content and URLs.

  • A tabbed language layout for multilingual documents (requires ManagerManager)

  • Document templates can be configured as multilingual or monolingual.

  • Highly configurable multilingual URLs. The following are examples of different ways YAMS could be set-up to refer to language variants of a single document:

    Multilingual aliases:

    Server name mode only:

    Root name mode only:

    Root name mode only, with one language at root:

    Server name mode, root name mode, friendly alias paths, multilingual aliases and multibyte URLs:

  • Additional URL configurability, including ability to hide alias of site start document, SEO friendly redirection, multibyte URLs and content-type dependent alias suffixes.

  • Additional YAMS Placeholders allowing access to language specific settings, such as language name and direction.

  • Additional functionality via the YAMS snippet call, including the ability to manage custom multilingual chunks, snippets and template variables to generate list-based or drop-down based language switchers (templatable), the ability to repeat content in multiple languages…

  • Extensions for Ditto, Wayfinder, Jot and eForm.

  • Possible to create custom multilingual template variables.

Author: PMS

Copyright (and example site): Nashi Power 2009

Licence: GPL v3


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