YAMS + Breadcrumbs

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How can I make Breadcrumbs work with YAMS?

Two options are available.

Option 1

A YAMS customised version of the Breadcrumbs snippet version 1.0.1 is available. To use this create a new snippet called BreadcrumbsYAMS, which has the following code:

return require( $modx->config['site_path'] . 'assets/modules/yams/snippets/breadcrumbs.101.yams.snippet.php' );

Then call the snippet with an additional language id parameter: &langid=`(yams_id)`. For example:

[[BreadcrumbsYAMS? &langid=`(yams_id)`]]
Warning Please note that this version of the breadcrumbs snippet will not resolve weblinks. To do that, you need to go to YAMS => Other Params => URL Formatting => Evo Subdirectory and specify "gcpsite".

Option 2

The second option is to use Wayfinder to generate the Breadcrumbs. @French Fries has kindly provided some templates that can be customised as required. To use them, the Wayfinder call should look something like this:

<span class="crumbBox">

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