YAMS Language Flag List

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How can I create a linked list of flags pointing to different language versions?

Use a YAMS repeat call to loop over all languages and output the flag list:


Here "otherFlagItemTpl" is a chunk that contains a linked flag image:

<li class="yams_lang_(yams_id)"><a href="(yams_docr)" lang="(yams_tag)" xml:lang="(yams_tag)" dir="(yams_dir)" title="(yams_name_in_(yams_id+))"><img alt="(yams_name)" src="[(site_url)]assets/images/flags/(yams_id).png" /></a></li>

and "currentFlagItemTpl" is a chunk that contains an unlinked flag image:

<li class="yams_lang_(yams_id) yams_current"><img alt="(yams_name)" src="[(site_url)]assets/images/flags/(yams_id).png" /></li>

Flag images with the filename format (yams_id).png should be placed in the directory "assets/images/flags/".

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