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YAMS was originally developed for Evo v0.9.6.3+ and with PHP 5.2.6-3+. It will not work on servers running PHP 4.

ManagerManager is not required for YAMS to function, but it is recommended. YAMS can use ManagerManager to hide redundant document variables and to obtain a tabbed layout in the document view with one tab per language.

Upgrade / Update Instructions

To upgrade / update from a previous version do the following:

  1. Rename the "assets/modules/yams" directory to something else. For example "assets/modules/yams_old" or "assets/modules/yams_v1.1.x"

  2. Copy the new yams directory to "assets/modules/yams"

  3. Copy the "" file from the old yams directory into the new yams directory.

  4. Make sure that the new yams directory and the "" file (if it exists) are writeable by the server user / group.

  5. Make sure that the YAMS plugin is set-up to be active on all the necessary events. The list of events has changed from version to version. Please see the readme.txt contained in the YAMS download for the specific events required for the that version.

  6. Check that YAMS always appears first in the plugin execution order for each event that it is active. In particular, if PHx is installed then YAMS should appear before it in the OnParseDocument execution order.

  7. Check that everything is still working and that the settings are correctly displayed in the YAMS module. If so, the old yams directory may be removed. If there are any problems, then the old installed can be reinstated by renaming the directories.

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy the yams directory to assets/modules/yams

  2. Make sure that the "assets/modules/yams" directory is writeable by the user / group that your server runs under. YAMS maintains a config file called "" in the directory that is automatically updated via the module interface.

  3. Within Evo under Elements => Manage Elements => Plugins create a new plugin:

    Plugin name: YAMS
    Description: Yet Another Multilingual Solution Plugin
    Plugin code:
    require( $modx->config['base_path'] . 'assets/modules/yams/');

    System Events: Please refer to the readme.txt in the YAMS download.

  4. Within Evo under Elements => Manage Elements => Snippets create a new snippet:

    Snippet name: YAMS
    Description: Gets multi-language content.
    Snippet code:
    // The following line needs to be placed between the opening and closing php markers
    require( $modx->config['base_path'] . 'assets/modules/yams/' );
  5. Within Evo under Modules => Manage Modules create a new module:

    Module name: YAMS
    Description: Yet Another Multilingual Solution
    Module code:
    require_once( $modx->config['base_path'] . 'assets/modules/yams/' );
  6. Reload the page to update the manager view. If you want to use ManagerManager to obtain a tabbed document interface then follow the instructions below to set it up.

  7. Follow the instructions on the Setup page to setup your multilingual site.

ManagerManager Setup

To set up ManagerManager so that it provides a tabbed document interface, please carry out the following:

  1. Check that the ManagerManager plugin is installed under Elements => Manage Elements => Plugins.

  2. Modify the ManagerManager plugin configuration so that it knows to find custom ManagerManager rules in a chunk called "mm_rules". In newer versions this can be set using the configuration tab. In older versions this is done by including the line

    $config_chunk = 'mm_rules';

    in the plugin code.

  3. Under Elements => Manage Elements => Chunks, create a chunk called "mm_rules" and add the following line:

    require( $modx->config['base_path'] . 'assets/modules/yams/' );

    If you are already using custom ManagerManager rules, then it is advisable to place the YAMS require line at the end of the rules.

PHx Setup

If you are using the PHx snippet, please take note of the following:

For some reason, a file specified using "include_once" is re-included and this causes the "PHxParser" class to be redefined, which generates a PHP parse error. This can be avoided by modifying the PHx snippet to wrap the include in some code that will only include the file if the class has not yet been defined:

if ( ! class_exists( 'PHxParser' ) )
 include_once $modx->config['rb_base_dir'] . "plugins/phx/";

Also, please remember that the Plugin Execution Order must be edited to place YAMS in first place - that is before PHx - on all associated events.

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